Thursday, September 4, 2014

Baby steps with my goals

I'm proud of myself. One of my top goals for the year was to have more communication with parents. 

I literally sent 90 text messages to parents today. 

And even though it took an hour if my time, I'm glad I did it. I've yet to be able to call all of my parents, but I'm glad I was able to communicate. Did I get my desired number if responses? Nope. Will ingle texting them next Monday about Open House in a week? Absolutely. I am going to be all in my parents' inboxes, emails, and caller ID. I feel like I have a vengeance for success this year, and I'm determined to get these relationships going. 

However, I've had the realization...

I need REMIND 101!!!! 

Lol. I do not -ever- want to individually send mass texts again. Hopefully, I'll get them to sign up at Open House. I have started an account but I need to finish the set up. 

I'm also determined to not go into work at 6:30. I've been clocking 12 hour days and deserve a relaxing Friday morning. 

Peace and blessings,



  1. I use Remind and I LOVE it - it is really easy. Remind sends mass texts, so if you wanted to personalize a text, I suggest using a google voice number to send texts as well. Open House is the PERFECT opportunity to have parents sign up for Remind!

    Mrs. Harris

    P.S. Thanks for visiting me at!

  2. It has been such a life saver! My students also think it is so cool lol. Thanks for the input!

  3. If you ever want to switch schools let me know! I've been in a title one school for 31 years. I'm the science specialist :-)