This is an attempt to assemble my favorite resources, so that it is a bit more organized than they are in my bookmarks. This list should *hopefully* be constantly updated. As I teach in Texas, these will be more applicable to the TEKS and not the Common Core standards. However, as we educators know, there is always some overlap! :-)

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to send them to me! I would greatly appreciate it.

Teaching 101
9 Ways to Plan Transformational Lessons - Edutopia
53 Ways to Check for Understanding
Planning the best Curriculum Unit Ever - Edutopia

Interactive Notebooks
Overview For Interactive Notebook

Unit: Matter and Energy
TEKS: 8.5

Variables Task Card -
Build An Atom - PhET 8.5A
Element Math Game - jLab 8.5A
Bohr Model and Valence Electrons - Fort Bend ISD 8.5B

Chemistry Foldables - Bond With James 8.5C
Dynamic Periodic Table 8.5C
Periodic Table Scavenger Hunt - Fort Bend ISD 8.5C
Tale of the Au ___ Dust Kid - Fort Bend ISD 8.5C
Exploring Baking Soda - ACS 8.5E
Balancing Chemical Equations - Middle School Science - 8.5F
Project: Adopt an Element - Science Spot (one of my favorites! The students get really creative.)

Unit: Force, Motion, and Energy
TEKS: 8.6
Note: For the past three years I have only referred to this unit as, "force and motion".  I have -yet- to use the term energy with it.  After working with my Region 4 Science Collaborative, I have a new set of knowledge that will help me boost my "FME" scores, as this was my lowest reporting category for the STAAR.

Force and Motion Lab - ASPIRE 8.6A, 8.6B
Force & Motion Task Cards -
Resting Bodies Lab -
Unit: Earth Space Part I
TEKS: 8.7 & 8.8

Interactive Sun Lab - ASPIRE 8.7A
Lunar Phase Simulator 8.7B
Lunar Phases Web Activity - ASPIRE 8.7B I loved this one! It will make the students-think-!
Tides Interactive Lab - ASPIRE 8.7C I would use this for my Pre-AP students.
Star Life Cycle - ASPIRE 8.8A

Unit: Earth Space Part II
TEKS: 8.9 & 8.10
Photos of Earth's Features 8.9C

Unit: Organisms and Ecosystems 
TEKS: 8.11


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