Monday, July 28, 2014

Interactive Notebook Progression

Hey there!

I'm looking at old INB's from my classes in years' past, and I'm definitely feeling the fire to step it up next year with note booking. I have recently finished the summer portion of my Region 4 science camp and have picked up on some excellent strategies. I got some nice laughs in from my old notebooks that stem back to 2012. 

Can't wait to get better!

Peace and blessings, 


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Interactive Notebook Dump!

I will reorganize the pictures soon! Putting them on Pinterest to start.

Notes on TEK 8.5A- Atomic Structure
Hands on activity covering TEK 8.9AB- Continental Drift & Plate Tectonic Theory
Foldable on TEK 8.9B- Plate Tectonics (one of my favorite units)
Galaxy card sort. I then had students describe the three vocabulary term. TEK 8.8A- Components of the Universe
Student example of Four-Box review method on TEK 8.7C- Tides.
Notes in our INB's over Eclipses 8.7C.
Graphic Organizer on Newton's Laws, 8.6C.
I am determined to bring up the scores on our Force & Motion unit this year. 
Three-tab foldable on speed, velocity, and acceleration. TEK 8.6B.
Window foldable covering forces, 8.6A.
Balancing equations. My students' favorite...NOT! lol TEK 8.5F
Next year when we discuss the Periodic Table Families, I will do it in a more colorful and interactive way. TEK 8.5C
Coloring the Periodic Table, 8.5C.
Becoming a Bohr Model Champion! TEK 8.5B. I created this worksheet, surprise surprise. 

Peace and blessings, 


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

AVID is fun!

Hey there!

So I've been "knee deep" in my AVID book.  I will be completely honest.  After first attending the conference, I was not as excited anymore for my district to be bringing a new program to our campus.  In hindsight, I was probably exhausted due to four consecutive days of 8:30-5:00 with jampacked workshops.  Since returning home on the Fourth of July, I have been making my best attempt to do a bit of AVID reading daily.  

I. Have. Learned. So. Much!!! The more I'm learning, the more excited I get to teach.  My school is going through a lot of changes (i.e. staff, leadership, schedule, tiering students, etc), but I am ready to take on those challenges.  I've been highlighting away and scribbling notes from my little blue science book.  I think this year is about to be major.

One of the best things about these strategies, is the fact that I can combine it with the content I am receiving right now through the Region 4 Science Collaborative (July is meant for PD right?). My brain is more than likely on overdrive, but I actually don't feel overwhelmed. I'm looking forward to seeing what my students can produce!

Back to my "little blue book"!! 

Peace and blessings,


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Education Conferences + Professional Dress?

Happy Tuesday!

So, I've been stalking Pinterest lately using search options as "teacher fashion" and "teacher style" so that I could gain ideas for a wardrobe for next year. I've lost thirty pounds within the last year so most of my professional attire no longer fits me properly.  Alas, aside from searching for a tailor within the Houston area, I've been on a mission for clothes!  When hanging up my newest purchases from Express, my mind reverted back to an education conference I attended last week and how I was shocked at the attire of my colleagues.

Do I realize that it is summer?  Yes.  Do I believe that everyone should be comfortable with what they're wearing?  Yes.  However,  I guess it's been engraved into my head (sorority, family, friends, etc.) that 1. Dress for the role you want 2. Never apologize for your appearance.  I'm a newbie in the teaching game, and only recently turned 25 three months ago, so I admit that I'm a bit self-conscious about what I am wearing.  I neverrrr want to appear unprofessional, reckless, skanky, etc.  I try to uphold my image from Monday-Friday in the highest regard (Saturday, I might let loose ;-D).  This is why I was so shocked to see my colleagues attending professional development in shorts (i.e. short pink ones), spaghetti straps, etc.  Are we not at professional development?

Again, I'm all about being comfortable and doing what suits you.  I'm about 5'10, and I'm still comfortable rocking heels, everyone is not.  I like dresses, my coworker hates them.  I just feel as though when your attire resembles pajamas and we are still at a place of business, there is a problem.  I'm sure others have seen this (Casual Fridays anyone?).  At what point do we stop and reevaluate our images?  I'm sure someone is going to say I am in the wrong field, being vain, etc, but if one was in a pajama-esque outfit and ran into the principal of a school they're interested in, how would they feel? 

I'll bring forth my different looks as an example...

This was PRE-check in before we headed to the Riverwalk. Completely sleeveless, for the town.
 I just wanted a picture with the sign! :-)

It's not the most formal of dresses, but do you see my point?

I paired this with a yellow sweater during the sessions because it was FREEZING!!
And uhh.. GO COWBOYS!!!

What do you all think? Am I overreacting? Have you noticed this? Let me know!

Peace and blessings,


Monday, July 7, 2014

Starting Over!

Hello blog world!

I have been saying for the last three years that I wanted to create a blog to chronicle my life as a middle school teacher.  Well, that has yet to happen until today!  I am gearing up for my fourth year of teaching and decided that now is the time. 

Quick intro.  Most of my friends and students call me "CJ".  I teach 8th grade science at a Title I school in Texas to the most amazingggg kids in the world.  A few years back I was a Teach For America Corps Member, and you bet I'm still teaching!  I also have a part-time job so that I can save up for grad school.  I'm a Jersey girl that lives deep in the heart of Texas, with a few college years in Miami squeezed in there.  I love all things Dallas Cowboys, pearls (hence the title of the blog), and DIY Professional Development.

I hope to connect with like-minded educators across various subjects, grade levels, and states. Please pardon my novice blogging skills and design as I get used to a new domain.  I am looking forward to this new adventure! 

Peace and blessings,