Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Education Conferences + Professional Dress?

Happy Tuesday!

So, I've been stalking Pinterest lately using search options as "teacher fashion" and "teacher style" so that I could gain ideas for a wardrobe for next year. I've lost thirty pounds within the last year so most of my professional attire no longer fits me properly.  Alas, aside from searching for a tailor within the Houston area, I've been on a mission for clothes!  When hanging up my newest purchases from Express, my mind reverted back to an education conference I attended last week and how I was shocked at the attire of my colleagues.

Do I realize that it is summer?  Yes.  Do I believe that everyone should be comfortable with what they're wearing?  Yes.  However,  I guess it's been engraved into my head (sorority, family, friends, etc.) that 1. Dress for the role you want 2. Never apologize for your appearance.  I'm a newbie in the teaching game, and only recently turned 25 three months ago, so I admit that I'm a bit self-conscious about what I am wearing.  I neverrrr want to appear unprofessional, reckless, skanky, etc.  I try to uphold my image from Monday-Friday in the highest regard (Saturday, I might let loose ;-D).  This is why I was so shocked to see my colleagues attending professional development in shorts (i.e. short pink ones), spaghetti straps, etc.  Are we not at professional development?

Again, I'm all about being comfortable and doing what suits you.  I'm about 5'10, and I'm still comfortable rocking heels, everyone is not.  I like dresses, my coworker hates them.  I just feel as though when your attire resembles pajamas and we are still at a place of business, there is a problem.  I'm sure others have seen this (Casual Fridays anyone?).  At what point do we stop and reevaluate our images?  I'm sure someone is going to say I am in the wrong field, being vain, etc, but if one was in a pajama-esque outfit and ran into the principal of a school they're interested in, how would they feel? 

I'll bring forth my different looks as an example...

This was PRE-check in before we headed to the Riverwalk. Completely sleeveless, for the town.
 I just wanted a picture with the sign! :-)

It's not the most formal of dresses, but do you see my point?

I paired this with a yellow sweater during the sessions because it was FREEZING!!
And uhh.. GO COWBOYS!!!

What do you all think? Am I overreacting? Have you noticed this? Let me know!

Peace and blessings,


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