Thursday, July 17, 2014

Interactive Notebook Dump!

I will reorganize the pictures soon! Putting them on Pinterest to start.

Notes on TEK 8.5A- Atomic Structure
Hands on activity covering TEK 8.9AB- Continental Drift & Plate Tectonic Theory
Foldable on TEK 8.9B- Plate Tectonics (one of my favorite units)
Galaxy card sort. I then had students describe the three vocabulary term. TEK 8.8A- Components of the Universe
Student example of Four-Box review method on TEK 8.7C- Tides.
Notes in our INB's over Eclipses 8.7C.
Graphic Organizer on Newton's Laws, 8.6C.
I am determined to bring up the scores on our Force & Motion unit this year. 
Three-tab foldable on speed, velocity, and acceleration. TEK 8.6B.
Window foldable covering forces, 8.6A.
Balancing equations. My students' favorite...NOT! lol TEK 8.5F
Next year when we discuss the Periodic Table Families, I will do it in a more colorful and interactive way. TEK 8.5C
Coloring the Periodic Table, 8.5C.
Becoming a Bohr Model Champion! TEK 8.5B. I created this worksheet, surprise surprise. 

Peace and blessings, 



  1. Hi CJ-I was looking at your pictures from your notebooks. I really liked the plate tectonic and the star cards. Can you share where you got these or would you be able to share them? I'm willing to share something with you if your interested. I'm also an 8th grade teacher (in San Antonio). I'm @Partain_Science if you're active professionally on Twitter.
    PS-I was at the AVID Conf this summer & took Science I as well. We probably passed in the hallway!

  2. Hi Meggan!

    Too bad we didn't know one another prior to the AVID conference! lol If you email me at, I'm more than happy to send the documents to you. I stumbled upon them in an old Teach For America Dropbox of mine. Thanks for posting! :)

  3. I just ran across your blog and love the ideas! I would love to follow you on Pinterest, but don't know your name on there. Would you mind sharing? Also, what are your steps to the Law of Conservation of Mass?

    A fellow Texas science teacher,
    Kara :)