Monday, July 7, 2014

Starting Over!

Hello blog world!

I have been saying for the last three years that I wanted to create a blog to chronicle my life as a middle school teacher.  Well, that has yet to happen until today!  I am gearing up for my fourth year of teaching and decided that now is the time. 

Quick intro.  Most of my friends and students call me "CJ".  I teach 8th grade science at a Title I school in Texas to the most amazingggg kids in the world.  A few years back I was a Teach For America Corps Member, and you bet I'm still teaching!  I also have a part-time job so that I can save up for grad school.  I'm a Jersey girl that lives deep in the heart of Texas, with a few college years in Miami squeezed in there.  I love all things Dallas Cowboys, pearls (hence the title of the blog), and DIY Professional Development.

I hope to connect with like-minded educators across various subjects, grade levels, and states. Please pardon my novice blogging skills and design as I get used to a new domain.  I am looking forward to this new adventure! 

Peace and blessings,


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