Friday, August 8, 2014

A failure to plan...

So, this is my last Friday of summer vacation (I don't mind).  My first day back at work is August 11, but we do not begin teaching until August 25. We have nine days of professional development, yet only one day solely dedicated to classroom setup. Needless to say, the ratio is extremely unbalanced. 

My plans are to dedicate thirty minutes before swipe-in and thirty minutes after swipe-out to setting up my room each day next week.  I know that one day is simply not enough to accomplish my design and organizational goals. I'm blessed enough to have a large science lab, but that means more space for mess, and more space for it to look bland. 

While I was doing laundry this afternoon, I drafted up a room design.  I never did this in my previous three years and would often waste time pondering what I wanted to produce.  Not this year!  A failure to plan is a plan to fail.  I've got websites to update, two weeks of copies to do, and need to get this room set up DONE. 

Here is my tentative plan...

This is not drawn to scale. The black ink is furniture while the green symbolizes Posters / Bulletin Boards. I've also given table numbers and letters, so I can easily streamline and direct students to their seat (why didn't I think of this earlier?!).  Lastly, since I went to the University of Miami, I always have a giant U in the corner. It has become a place of reference, especially when we do stations. 

I've been reading up on "The Psychology of Colors" and decided that my room will mainly have blue tones with hints of lime and gold.  Hopefully, the colors add serenity to my room like they are claiming. ;-)

I can't wait to unload my trunk and get going!

Peace and blessings,


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