Tuesday, August 5, 2014

It's the last week of "summer"!

My trunk looks like a combination of Target and Walmart's Back 2 School section, my boyfriend left yesterday evening for a month away at work (-_-), and I'm getting antsy because contrary to public opinion, I'm ready to go back to work!! 

I realize that it's great to spend summer catching up in novels, crossing items off of your bucket list, spending money on clothes (or, maybe that was only me...), volunteering, etc., but I am sincerely bothered by seeing apathetic posts about returning to school. Education should be your passion.  If a teacher is not excited about the return of their students, perhaps it is time to step out of the classroom? 

I will say that although two weeks of professional development at my campus does not sound as appetizing as two weeks of teaching, I am going to do my best effort to keep a positive mind and leave each session with something that I can bring back into my classroom. We have a lot of changings taking place at my school this week, but I would like my spirit to be more accepting.  Our sermon at church this week was over excellence and our pastor mentioned how your spirit has to be excellent. I am blessed to have a job in a great school with some amazing kids, and I am ready to do some phenomenal things in my classroom.  

I hope that as you all prepare for your students, you enjoy your remaining days of "education summer" doing whatever it is you please. I've been compulsively pinning (oops), deciding which of my clothes can be donated, and working out! It's nice to go with the flow but I am ready to be back on a schedule. 

Peace and blessings,


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